Our mission

Founded by Pat Buchanan in 1993, The American Cause is an educational foundation whose principle mission is to advance and promote foreign and domestic policies that put America and Americans first. We believe our inherent and constitutional rights are at the core of America’s greatness and that this generation has a sacred obligation to see that they are preserved for future generations.


By publishing articles, speaking publically, sponsoring seminars, formulating and proposing policies, as well as supporting like-minded efforts, The American Cause is actively engaged in the effort to keep America great.


The Left’s agenda is focused almost entirely on trampling and eliminating wherever possible the expression of free speech.  Students, parents, churchgoers, and small business owners are just a few of those who have found themselves on the front lines, with their rights under constant assault. The American Causes joins with so many others to take the fight to those who would deprive citizens of their God-given rights.


More and more corporations are bending a knee before the outraged leftist activists and stifling the free speech of ordinary citizens; while the social media giants regularly censor and ban individuals who run afoul of liberal orthodoxy. Public exposure and condemnation of their actions needs to be constant. In addition the introduction and promotion of policies that will prohibit Big Tech’s violation of the rights of citizens is essential. The American Cause is committed to doing both.


Pat Buchanan championed an America First foreign policy in all his presidential campaigns. He saw the devastating consequences of “foreign entanglements” that George Washington warned us against so many years ago. Yet our leaders drag this country blindly into one conflict after another, oblivious to the high price its citizens pay. The American Cause rejects these failed interventionist policies and promotes wherever possible a foreign policy that puts America and Americans First.

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